Transfer of standard signals of time and frequency over an fiber-optic lines

A.N. Malimon

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 3 (8) 2016, pages 198–268

The paper describes methods of transmitting reference signals of time and frequency through fiber optic lines. General characteristics of the methods of reference signals transmission in fiber-optic lines is given. The directions of scientific researches on the problem of transmission of reference signals are listed. Special attention is paid to transmission schemes with compensation to eliminate phase disturbances of reference signal which are introduced by the fiber. The various implementations of such compensation schemes in experiments performed in different laboratories are discussed. One section of the article is devoted to the transmission of reference signals in a telecommunication fiber network by the Kihara method, as proposed by M.Kihara. Kihara method of duplex transmission of reference signals in communication channels was a stimulus for further studies on the issue. The effect of temperature variations of the fiber on the accuracy of the transmission of reference signals is theoretically considered.

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