Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 3 (15) 2018

The largest part of the published works of the “Almanac of the Modern Metrology” fifteenth edition (third number this year), is mostly devoted to time-frequency measurements. First of all, among these works there is an article about the modernized re-confirmed State standard of time, frequency and national time scale. Attention is paid to the standard-bearers of the new generation playing an important role in transfer of accurate time values. Undoubtedly, a great practical interest is connected with the detailed work devoted to the regulatory base in the field of measurement of the Earth’s rotation parameters.
Prospective steps in creation of frequency measuring devices are discussed. A special place is given to articles on fundamental researches in the field of time-frequency and coordinate-time measurements.
Traditionally, remaining an event-related edition (in Arabic “al manac” — is a calendar), a part of the published works is connected with two memorable events in the life of the Main Metrology Center of the State Service of Time and Frequency of FSUE “VNIIFTRI” — the opening of a memorial bas-relief to the former head of the GMTS GSVCH, who during 43 years remained a scientist keeper of the state standard of time, frequency and national time scale of the country — to Sergei Borisovich Pushkin.
The second event was the unveiling of the commemorative plaque to Mark Borisovich Kaufman at one of the floors of the GMTS GSVC near the room where the author of the well-known, currently used method of calculating PVZ values worked for many years (the term “Kaufmann algorithm” is well known to specialists).
Contents of the issue