Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 4 (12) 2017

12th issue of “Almanac of the Modern Metrology” (this year) is devoted to mainly temperature changes.
It’s becoming a tradition that most important events of metrological institute activity (following the Arabian definition of Al’manach as event calendar) define themes of the future issues of the journal.
This year faced such an event — a centennial from the date of birth of one of the founders of low temperature measurement direction of VNIIFTRI, outstanding metrologist Margarita Petrovna Orlova, whose anniversary date has been celebrated by whole metrological society. Meaning not only achievements and scientific breakthroughs of doctor of technical science M.P. Orlova, but also activity of her successors and followers of development and modernization of reference class instrumentation, international cooperation within undertaken by MBMV works aimed at accepting a new version of temperature scale.
Contents of the issue