Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 2 (30) 2022

Important issues of the metrology development are raised in almost all sections of the current number — No. 2 (30) — of our almanac. We are talking about such important sections as “Measurements of time and frequency”, “Navigational measurements”, “Radio engineering measurements”, “Hydroacoustic measurements”, “Measurements of ionizing radiation parameters”, “Physical-mechanical measurements”, “Measuring devices. Problems of import substitution”.
Separate sections are devoted to the issues of standardization and methods of calibration of measuring equipment.
The issue ends with materials under the heading “Founders of metrological trends”, which talks about one of the most famous women metrologists in the field of ionizing radiation — a veteran of the Great Patriotic War and a labor veteran who did a lot for the professional growth of young scientists — Nina Filaretovna Zhdanova, as well as about one of the leading experts in the field of optical-mechanical devices of a wide profile — Shkrob Vitaly Mikhailovich.
Contents of the issue