Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 2 (7) 2016

While focusing on improving the level of metrological support for priority areas of science, engineering, and technology, the seventh issue of the Al’manac gives considerable attention to fundamental research and to the search for new solutions in metrological research.
These important areas primarily include time and frequency measurements and coordinate and navigational measurements, to which the bulk of this issue is devoted, and also neutron measurements.
The section “Development of the standards base” deals with the national primary standard of the unit of volumetric activity of radioactive aerosols.
A section titled “The history of the measurement base” is becoming traditional for the Al’manac. It introduces the reader to the history of serial manufacturing of VNIIFTRI hydrophones.
Founders of metrology fields are represented by two outstanding metrologists of the past century, Nikolai Nikolaevich Shishkin and David Yulievich Belotserkovskiy, whose 115th and 100th anniversaries have been widely celebrated by the metrology community, in particular by establishing a memorial plaque.
Contents of the issue