Preprocessing of gradiometric measurements of the GOCE project 

A.A. Kluykov

Institute of Astronomy of RAS, Moscow

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 4 (24) 2020, pages 245–254

The GOCE project aims to create a high-precision model of the Earth’s static gravitational field in the form of coefficients of spherical harmonics of degree and order higher than 250, corresponding to its short-wave part with a spatial resolution of less than 100 km. The solution of the GOCE project’s objectives is based on mathematical processing of measurement information from the following sensor systems: satellite navigation equipment, satellite gravity gradiometer, star camera. Data in the GOCE project is divided into three levels: level 0, level 1b, and level 2. Mathematical processing of GOCE project data is performed in two stages: the preprocessing stage and the solution stage of the GOCE project target. This article presents a brief preprocessing strategy in the form of a block diagram and developed an algorithm for calculating the components of the gravitational potential tensor of level 1b from measurements of accelerometers obtained by the differential method.

Keywords: gravitational field, satellite gradiometry, mathematical processing of measurements, coordinate systems, equation of gradiometric measurements.

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