Results of mathematical modeling of gravitational disturbing forces in GLONASS orbits affecting satellites zero-drag of the “SOIGA” space gravitational wave antenna

S.S. Donchenko, R.A. Davlatov, E.A. Lavrov, D.A. Sokolov, I.O. Skakun

FSUE “VNIIFTRI”, Mendeleevo, Moscow region, Russia,,,,

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 2 (30) 2022, pages 35–44

Abstract. The GLONASS orbit is promising for the placement of satellites of the space gravitational-wave antenna “SOIGA” due to the significant experience in the manufacture of components of GLONASS satellites and the organization of their launch and maintenance. However, at the altitude of the orbit of the GLONASS system, due to the geodynamic changes of the Earth, significant variations in the gravitational field arise. This has a significant impact on the parameters of the movement of the onborne test masses of the SOIGA. This article is devoted to the analysis of the possible consideration of the main disturbing factors.

Keywords: gravitational wave antenna, gravitational waves, drag-free satellite, GLONASS orbit.

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