Experimental determination of the acoustic center of a measuring hydrophone

A.E. Isaev, A.M. Polikarpov, B.I. Khatamtaev

FSUE “VNIIFTRI”, Mendeleevo, Moscow region, Russia

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 2 (30) 2022, pages 56–71

Abstract. Replacing an acoustic center with a reference center is quite acceptable in measu­rements of the sensitivity modulus of a hydrophone, but can lead to significant uncertainties in the phase angle of sensitivity. Various approaches to determining the position of the acoustic center of an electroacoustic transducer are considered. The reasons why the method of experimental deter­mination of the acoustic center of a microphone is hardly suitable for a hydrophone are discussed. A method is proposed for determining the acoustic center of a measuring hydrophone using the group sound speed. The results of an experiment on the application of the method for a hydro­phone with a pronounced non-uniformity of the directivity in amplitude and phase are presented.

Keywords: hydrophone phase calibration, acoustic center, reciprocity method.

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