The noise figure and the gain range estimation for Y-factor method

I.N. Vaulin

Micran, Tomsk, Russia

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 3 (31) 2022, pages 119–129

Abstract. Manufacturers usually doesn’t revolve noise figure (NF) measurement range depen­dence upon gain (G) range for Y-factor method. There are derived the formulas for the theoretical estimation of the NF and the G measurement ranges powered by the noise figure analyzers (NFA). These formulas are obtained through NFA dynamic characteristic parameters in this work. That one shows the relation of G and NF, also allows to evaluate the measurement ranges more flexible and to choice measurement devices correctly. There are entered the terms “noise area” and “noise range” for practical convenience.

Keywords: noise figure, Y-factor method, gain, dynamic range, dynamic characteristic, noise area, noise range.

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