Metrological support of concrete defectoscopy

V.A. Pivovarov

FSUE “VNIIFTRI”, Mendeleevo, Moscow region, Russia

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 4 (32) 2022, pages 59–67

Abstract. A significant part of the objects in the construction industry, for which defect detection (defectoscopy) is required, is made of concrete and reinforced concrete. Concrete defectoscopy includes the tasks of searching for and measuring the parameters of various structural defects and technological elements in the thickness of structures, measuring their dimensions and depth. Tech­no­logical elements include reinforcing bars, plastic and metal pipes, various types of electrical wiring. The most significant defects are different inclusions: air cavities, delaminations and cracks. The investigated defects and technological elements have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which, together with the composite structure of concrete, complicates the problems of flaw detection. The purpose of this article is to assess the state of metrological support of modern methods of concrete flaw detection in the Russian Federation and designate the direction of its development.

Keywords: defectoscopy, concrete, reinforced concrete, geometric methods, magnetic methods, seismoacoustic methods, radar sounding methods, ultrasonic methods, concrete measures with artificial defects.

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