№ 1 (33) 2023

Special issue of “Almanac of modern metrology. Conference Proceedings” No. 1 (33) prepared under the scientific editorship of Ph.D. N.G. Oganyan with editorial support Ph.D. L.A. Tokina.
The special issue includes Proceedings of the V International Scientific and Technical Conference “Metrology of Physical and Chemical Measurements”, held on 09.14.2021–09.16.2021 at VNIIFTRI (Russia) in a hybrid format. The articles were reviewed by a group of experts in the field of chemical and biological measurements.
The special issue also includes information on the members of the Program Committee, reviewers, sponsors and invited speakers.
The issue includes proceedings of the Conference sections: “Standards, key and pilot comparisons, uncertainty, traceability”; “Biology and medicine”; “Reference materials”, “Applied and legal metrology”, “Particles”.


Introduction ……. page 12

List of the Reviewers ……. page 15

List of the Sponsors ……. page 16

The Program Committee ……. page 17

The Invited Experts in Metrology ……. page 20

N.G. Oganyan
Preface ……. page 24

V.I. Dobrovolskiy, N.G. Oganyan
Advances of the research department on physicochemical and electrical measurements of FSUE “VNIIFTRI” ……. page 30
S.V. Prokunin, D.A. Vengina, V.I. Dobrovolskiy, N.G. Oganyan, A.N. Shchipunov
Procedure of sample preparation for international and interlaboratory comparisons in the field of the pH measuring of borate buffer solution ……. page 36
I. Maksimov, T. Asakai, M. Ohata
Review of NMIJ studies using the primary pH method ……. page 42
S.V. Sherstobitov, M.V. Karpova
Quantum standards for electrical and electro-chemical measurements ……. page 49
A.Yu. Mikheeva, A.I. Krylov
International comparisons on organic analysis. The main achievements and development perspectives ……. page 59
N.V. Nechaev, P.N. Zubkov
Selection of a regression model for graduation of measuring instruments when it is necessary to estimate stability of the calibration curve ……. page 67
R. Bettencourt da Silva, V. Morgado, C. Palma
Bottom-up evaluation of complex measurements in chemistry by the Monte Carlo simulation of sample preparation ……. page 80
A.D. Levin, I.S. Filimonov, A.V. Ivanov, M.K. Аlenichev
Problems of metrological support of Raman spectroscopy ……. page 85

A.V. Kolpakov, N.P. Muravskaya
Metrological assurance of infrared transillumination of biological tissues ……. page 89
D.S. Makhov, O.A. Samorodova, N.P. Muravskaya, A.V. Samorodov
Development of metrological support for color calibration of digital microscopy systems ……. page 98
M.S. Vonsky, A.L. Runov 
Development of metrological support for nucleic acid measurements ……. page 107
A.L. Runov, N.N. Shevchenko, T.S. Goryachaya, E.V. Kurchakova, M.S. Vonsky
Metrology of cellular analysis: problems and solutions ……. page 113
S.V. Vikhrova, O.L. Rutenberg, A.V. Smirnov, A.E. Petukhov, T.O. Barinskaya
Improvement of methods and means of measuring the content of toxicants in biological objects ……. page 119
E.V. Kulyabina, O.N. Melkova, T.V. Kulyabin, V.V. Morozova, V.Yu. Morozov
Letter to the Editor: Issues of metrological assurance of measurements in areas of activity that contribute to improving the quality of human life ……. page 125

A. Botha 
Creation of and first meeting of the new ISO technical committee for reference materials (ISO/TC 334) ……. page 131
T. Asakai 
Characterization of oxyanions of chlorine by multipath titrimetric approach for drinking water quality control ……. page 139
M. Sega, S. Pavarelli, F.R. Pennecchi, P.G. Spazzini, F. Rolle 
Reference materials: gas mixtures to support measurements for climate change studies ……. page 150
M. Obkircher 
Ready-to-use calibrants for extractables & leachables testing methods ……. page 159
V.P. Tenishev 
Spectral and dosimetric properties of multilayer structures of radiochromic absorbed dose reference materials ……. page 162
S.A. Sakharova, V.N. Kustova, M.S. Vonsky 
Metrological assistance of medical measurement devices using certified reference materials of physicochemical properties ……. page 170
V.V. Studenok, M.Y. Medvedevskykh, A.S. Sergeyeva, N.L. Vostrikova, M.Y. Minaev
About the development of metrological assurance for identification, detection, and quantitative determination of the composition components of meat products ……. page 176
A.V. Kasilyunas, M.Yu. Medvedevskikh, M.P. Krashenina, A.S. Sergeeva
Key development stages of reference material for lactose monohydrate composition ……. page 188
E.G. Parfenova, S.N. Molodykh, M.O. Myazina
Reference materials for metrological ensuring of grain and oil seeds quality analyzers ……. page 204

I. Kuselman, F.R. Pennecchi, D.B. Hibbert, A.A. Semenova
Risks of false decisions on conformity of a sausage with a mass balance constraint ……. page 209
N.G. Oganyan, A.A. Semenova, V.I. Dobrovolskiy
Metrological aspects of the safety and quality of meat products ……. page 212
M.B. Kuvykina, A.A. Pryadka, V.P. Tenishev, A.A. Gorskiy, A.V. Aprelev 
Application of the electronic paramagnetic resonance method for detecting radiation-processed food products ……. page 222
T.P. Berlyand, N.G. Tonkikh
Metrological problems of measurements of environmental objects in terms of spectrometry and radiometry of alpha-, beta-, gamma-emitting radionuclides ……. page 231
V.G. Dyachkova, M.D. Kraynova 
Possibilities of FSUE “VNIIFTRI” for the manufacture and calibration of special measures of radionuclide activity for metrological support of measurements of radionuclide activity during radiation monitoring ……. page 237
S.V. Medvedevskikh, P.M. Aronov, V.A. Firsanov
Covariances in the variance of integral estimates of the contents of components of the substances’ composition in industrial quantities ……. page 244
A.A. Stakheev, T.P. Stolboushkina
Metal analysis in rice flour ……. page 250
L.A. Konopelko, M.V. Okrepilov, A.V. Mosichkina, O.I. Paliy
Occupational standards application when building up the modern professional metrologist competences ……. page 256
P.A. Alexandrov, A.L. Vasiliev, V.I. Kalechits, Yu.V. Kapustin, V.V. Klyuev, P.Yu. Makaveev, T.D. Patsaev, M.N. Shakhov
Development of a lunar soil simulator for Earth-based experiments ……. page 265

D.V. Averkin, A.A. Stakheev, D.V. Vishnevetskii, P.M. Pakhomov
Characterization of particles of the dispersed system based on low-concentrated aqueous solutions of L-cysteine and silver acetate ……. page 272
E.A. Lezina, M.Y. Misyurev
Ambient air quality measurements in a large city: existing solutions, new opportunities and challenges ……. page 281
V.A. Deshabo, V.I. Kosov, D.I. Yudin, I.K. Yudin, V.S. Ashikhmin
Design and metrological characteristics of native analyzers Photocor for measuring the particle size and zeta-potential of nanodispersed systems ……. page 293
I.Ye. Kovbasyuk, O.Yu. Maslakov, M.N. Shakhov 
Practical aspects of calibration of airborne particle counters according to ISO 21501-4 standard ……. page 303
D.I. Belenkii, T.M. Magomedov, D.M. Balakhanov
Prospects for the development of means for measuring the mass concentration of aerosol particles in the Russian Federation ……. page 311
M.V. Balakhanov, D.M. Balakhanov, D.I. Belenkii
The problems associated with monitoring of main parameters of working areas and technological environments in high technology industry ……. page 315