Detonation diamond, properties and the structure of its aqueous solutions

S.S. Batsanov

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 4 (16) 2018, pages 96–100

The powder of nanodiamond upon contact with water changes the composition and structure, and in solution forms fibrous materials, whose physical and biological properties are similar to those of fungi and bacteria. These formations actively fix molecular nitrogen at normal tempera-ture and pressure, in favourable contrast with the current energy-consuming technology of Haber-Bosch for fixing atmospheric nitrogen. The precision method developed by VNIIFTRI for measuring electrophysical and thermochemical characteristics of polycrystalline materials made it possible to establish the dependence of the atomization energy of diamond on its size and on this basis to give a thermodynamic justification for the industrially prospective method of molecular nitrogen fixation.

Key words: nanodiamond powder, molecular nitrogen, precision method, temperature, “dia-mond wool”.

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