Transition from the celestial coordinate system to the Earth’s coordinate system and back

Translation: M.A. Chinilina

Science editing and introduction: S.L. Pasynok

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 3 (15) 2018, pages 113–163

This publication is a translation of Chapter 5 of International Earth Rotation Service and Reference Systems (IERS Conventions 2010) [1] standards, implemented at the MMC SSTF from English into Russian. It compiles the main requirements (standards) of the International Earth Rotation Service and reference systems (IERS), which are valid in the field of the Earth’s orientation parameters (EOP) evaluation and are the basis for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the area of EOP evaluation internationally.

Key words: metrology and standardization, Earth’s orientation parameters, terrestrial polar motion, celestial polar motion, precession, nutation, universal time.

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