Modern methods and measuring instruments of radio engineering antenna characteristics 

P.V. Miliaev, Yu.N. Kalinin, D.I. Savchenko

NPP “TRIM” UWB Measuring Systems”, St. Petersburg, Russia,,

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 2 (18) 2019, pages 133–157

Modern methods and instruments of measuring the characteristics of antennas in the far and near radiation zones are considered. The features and areas of application of various methods are noted. Examples of measuring complexes implementing these methods are given. The original, as well as insufficiently presented in the literature data processing algorithms for measuring the separate characteristics of the antennas. The structure and functionality of the latest software is described. All measurement methods, algorithms and processing programs have been developed and implemented over the past 20 years in antenna measurement systems produced by NPP “TRIM”, successfully operating at numerous domestic and foreign enterprises.

Key words: methods and measuring instruments, antennas, near-zone radiation, processing algorithms, vector network analyzers.

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