Development of the algorithmic base of software and hardware complex of data concentrator in automated environment monitoring system

E.A. Volkova, E.A. Sevryukova, A.E. Baskakov

National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET), Zelenograd, Russia,,

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 3 (27) 2021, pages 149–166

Annotation. At present, the urgency of the problem of monitoring, maintaining and restoring the environment is beyond doubt. With the growing pressure on the environment caused mainly by anthropogenic factors, the importance of the problem and the need for modern technological solutions in this industry are growing. One of such solutions today are automated environmental monitoring systems.
To achieve maximum efficiency, depending on the operating conditions and the requirements for measurements, the work proposes three data concentrator algorithms (basic, adaptive or combined), which differ in their approach to polling sensors and sending data.
The basic, adaptive and combined algorithms for the data concentrator have been developed, which will improve the efficiency of the system depending on the purpose and use. The paper presents the developed functional and electrical circuits of the data concentrator device.
The article also describes the developed boards for the data concentrator: devices for collecting, processing and transmitting data and its layout. Recommendations for the practical application of the developed device are given.

Key words: automated environmental monitoring system, data concentrator, environmental monitoring.

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