Analysis of software packages applied for automation of measurements

K.V. Epifantsev

St. Petersburg state university of aerospace instrumentation, St. Petersburg, Russia

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 3 (27) 2021, pages 167–181

Annotation. Currently, digitalization can significantly speed up the measurement process due to the ready-made templates and methods available in the software module. In particular, the tools for implementing such accelerated processes include not only software products, which will be discussed in the article, but also innovative audio-visual products. It is important to emphasize that audio-visual forms have become popular in connection with the release of GOST 54088-2017, which clarified the concepts of interactive electronic technical guidance (IETR) Currently, many departments that understand the importance of accelerated systems of work in the field of measurement technologies are changing the focus when working with paper documents, replacing them with electronic media.

Key words: automatic verification, measurement automation, digitalization, reduction of measurement time, IETR, electronic business of the product.

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