Questions of metrological support of bioanalysis. Reference materials of catalytic enzyme activation 

E.V. Kulyabina1, T.V. Kulyabina2, V.V. Morozova3, O.N. Melkova1, E.A. Guskova1

1FSUE “VNIIMS”, Moscow, Russia
2Independent advisor, St. Petersburg, Russia
3 Moscow State Linguistic University (The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages), Moscow, Russia,,

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 1 (25) 2021, pages 131–137

Annotation. The relevance of metrological support of measurements carried out in laboratory medicine is examined to increase the accuracy of analyzes results, namely, measurements of the catalytic concentration of the human body enzymes. The development of reference materials with a long shelf life is discussed. The results of the development of Russian reference materials of the catalytic concentration of α-amylase and alkaline phosphatase are discussed. Based on the measuring model (Beer — Lambert — Bouguer law), sources of uncertainty are established. The developed reference materials make it possible to measure the catalytic concentration of enzymes with high reliability, make the correct diagnoses at the early stages of the disease, and make it possible to achieve the world level of metrological support of laboratory medicine in the field of measuring enzyme parameters.

Key words: metrological support, bioanalysis activity, standard samples, catalytic enzymes.

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