Study of the induction coils sensitivity on the output voltage when measuring the dependence of the air clearance

K.V. Epifantsev

St. Petersburg state university of aerospace instrumentation, St. Petersburg, Russia

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 1 (25) 2021, pages 152–163

Annotation. Currently, industrial displacement sensors are needed to increase the productivity and accuracy of CNC machine tools. For two decades, sensors and path meters have been successfully used in all industries: position sensor, displacement sensor. As a link between the electronic and mechanical parts of the devices, the displacement sensor and the position sensor has become an integral part of the equipment for the automation of various processes. In the specialized audience of the SUAI, research is being conducted on inductive displacement sensors at the ID-3 installation. Research allows to improve the main metrological characteristics of the equipment used for measurements in Metalworking.

Key words: sensor, industry, moving, precision, CNC- machine, productivity.

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