№ 2 (14) 2018

A regular publication of “Almanac of the Modern Metrology”, №14-2018, is devoted to mainly physical-chemical measurements. Importance of this kind of measurements is once again confirmed by the held last year scientific and technical conference on this matter.
The best papers presented at conference upon decision of the Organization Committee, formed the basis of the written and placed in “Almanac” articles. They are devoted to the standard base in the field of physical, chemical and electrical measurements, description of state and working standards, standard titres, standard samples, measuring devices. The results of researches, calculations, factor analysis influencing the measurement accuracy, some arising from it decisions are provided. The article in “Almanac” devoted to aerosol study is of special importance and fundamentality.


S.I. Donchenko
Role of high accuracy measurements in development and implementation of new technologies       page 11

V.I. Dobrovolsky
Standard base of FGUP “VNIIFTRI” in the field of physical and chemical and electrical measurements       page 14
S.V. Medvedevskikh, O.N. Kremleva
Standard samples in the Russian Federation. State regulation, prospects of harmonization and import substitution solutions      page 20
V.A. Zvezdina, I.V. Morozov, S.V. Prokunin, A.N. Schipunov
pH working standards. Methods and means of metrological support of pH index value in water       page 23
A.V. Sobina, G.I. Terentiev, A.Yu. Shimolin, V.M. Zyskin
Role of the State primary standard on the basis of coulombometry SS 176 / in supporting the traceability of the analytical measurement results       page 26
A.M. Smirnov, V.I. Suvorov
Ways of developing the State primary standard of liquid electric conductivity unit SS 132-99 10 A       page 35
N.M. Yustus
Working standard modernisation of the units of the relative humidity, temperature, absolute pressure and air velocity       page 38
D.M. Balakhanov, E.V. Lesnikov, D.I. Belenky
Development of the State primary standard of units of aerosol, suspensions and powdered material disperse parameters        page 42
N.V. Nechaev
Development of the unit transfer system of the air ions number concentration to the working means of measurements transfer and reproduction of unit of zeta potential       page 49
D.I. Belenky, D.M. Balakhanov, E.V. Lesnikov
Complex of reference equipment for transmitting and reproducing a unit of the zeta potential      page 53
E.P. Sobina
State and prospects of metrology of porometry’s development       page 58
S.V. Sherstobitov, M.A. Tertygnaya, M.V. Karpova
Metrological support of electrochemical and electrical measurements of FGUP “VNIIFTRI” using secondary standard of the unit of constant electrical voltage (volt) SSS 13-13-01P       page 72
Р.V. Migal, E.P. Sobina, T.N. Tabachnikova
Development of comparison standard of zinc of high purity       page 81
O.N. Kremleva, T. N. Tabachnikova
Standard samples of the isotopic composition of realization spectrometry method with isotopic dilution of mass       page 87

E.V. Lesnikov, D.M. Balakhanov
Evolution and stability of two-phase heterogeneous systems       page 100
D.I. Belenky, D.M. Balakhanov, T.M. Magomedov
Review of measurement methods of mass concentration of aerosol particles       page 114

M.V. Balakhanov
On the traceability of measurements of parameters of clean rooms and associated controlled environments to the state primary standards       page 122
M.N. Shakhov
Some remarks about the procedure of testing the mounted air filters in accordance with the standard ISO 14644-3      page 150
I.E. Kovbasyuk
Typical errors during operation of aerosol particle counters and monitoring systems       page 158

L.N. Isaev
Dilution generators for preparing the calibration gas mixtures       page 166
R.S. Gerasimov
New domestic gas chromatograph maestro MS from the company Interlab – advanced technologies and unique engineering decisions       page 174
L. Bustin, T. Tritsher, J. Farnsworth, S. Elzey, H.-G. Horn, B. Osmondson, R. Caldow and O.F. Bischof
Principles and methods used in spectrometers for reference measurements of particles with dimension from one nanometer up to several microns       page 176
P.N. Zubkov, S.V. Kolersky, N.V. Nechaev
Development of light ions stable generators for working standards of air ions number concentration      page 182
Yu.V. Krylova
Present-day decisions in the field of nonorganic mass spectrometry for high-accuracy precision analysis       page 189
A.N. Glinkova, A.A. Stakheev
Method of mass spectrometry with isotopic dilution as one of the most accurate methods of analysis       page 192
T.P. Stolboushkina, A.A. Stakheev
Purity of glassware – a key to reliable and accurate measurements       page 201
A.A. Pryadka
Identification of organic compositions by low temperature EPR spectra       page 206
I.L. Rastunova, M.B. Rosenkevich, A.Yu. Chebotov, V.S. Moseeva
Application of IR spectroscopy for defining deuterium content in the water       page 211
V.I. Dobrovolsky, I.V. Morozov, S.V. Prokunin, A.N. Schipunov
Researches of temperature dependence of hydrogen parameter of phosphate buffer solution       page 223
V.I. Dobrovolsky, S.V. Prokunin, A.M. Shamurin
Researches of hydrogen supply speed influence on the effectiveness of hydrogen electrode saturation in the Harned cell        page 228

Yu.A. Ovchinnikov
Water solutions as a means of verification, calibration and testing of analyzers of conductometric liquids       page 233

N.G. Oganyan
Activity of FGUP “VNIIFTRI” in the international, regional and interstate organizations in the field of physicochemical measurements       page 240
A.V. Aprelev, V.I. Dobrovolsky, V.A. Zvezdina, S.V. Prokunin
The status of pilot comparison implementation for determination of hydrogenous parameter of phosphate buffer       page 246
A.A. Stakheev, T.P. Stolboushkina
About results of participation in the development of State primary standard of nonorganic components in water solutions on the basis of gravimetric and spectral methods in comparisons of the Working group for nonorganic analysis of BIPM       page 251