Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 4 (24) 2020

The next issue of the “Almanac of modern metrology” 4 (24) is presented mainly as a thematic one, devoted to the problems of creating complex navigation systems, including strapdown inertial navigation systems, GLONASS, as well as correlation-extreme navigation systems using the results of measuring the parameters of the Earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields.
The presented articles cover the following areas:
— methods and means of integrated navigation using the gravitational and magnetic fields of the Earth;
— methods and means of preparing gravity and magnetic maps;
— new measuring technologies in gravimetry;
— measuring technologies in gravitational-wave astronomy;
— metrological support of gravimetric and magnetometric measurements.
The articles reflect the latest achievements of science and technology and are of undoubted interest for specialists in this field.
The issue was prepared following the results of the II Scientific and Technical Conference “Navigation in through the Earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields. New technologies”.
Contents of the issue