Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 1 (25) 2021

The regular issue of the “Almanac of Modern Metrology” 1 (25) is the first issue this year. The beginning is devoted to topical issues of metrological and fundamental support of the GLONASS system. The issue highlights the problems of navigational measurements, gives the results of measurements of high dynamic pressures.
The interest of specialists should be aroused by an article on the technology of manufacturing the measuring devices. The article on reference materials raises important questions in bioanalysis. Traditionally, the issue contains the heading “Questions of practical metrology”, which talks about the assessment of the compliance of the quality characteristics of food products with the required quality criteria, about the operational control of groundwater.
The number ends with a presentation of the luminary of acoustic and hydroacoustic measurements, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, whose centenary anniversary this year is being celebrated by the metrological community, — Alexander Nikolaevich Golenkov.
Contents of the issue