Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 1 (17) 2019

The regular issue of the Al’manac (No. 1, 2019) — first this year, is devoted to one of the development priorities of the uniformity measurement system — to the development of the reference base of the Russian Federation. The authors of the articles are the scientists-keepers of state standards, who are at the forefront of raising the scientific and technical level of state standards of units of quantities, participating in improving the quality of metrological support for priority directions of science, technology and engineering.
Scientists-keepers of standards in their articles raise the most topical issues of further development of the reference base in areas such as time-frequency, radiotechnical, hydroacoustic, physico-technical and physico-chemical measurements, measurements of ionizing radiation.
The articles highlight the results of both fundamental and applied research in metrology.
The final pages of the Al’manac are traditionally devoted to the founders of scientific metrology directions, which were also scientists-keepers of the state primary standards.
Contents of the issue