Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 2 (18) 2019

The next, eighteenth — No. 2 (18) 2019, the Al’manac of Modern Metrology is mainly devoted to radio engineering measurements, sets the tasks of metrological support of this area, discusses prospects for the development of the main metrology problems in radio electronics, one of the most important parts of the system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the country.
Published works determine the main directions of development of radio engineering and radio electronic measurements at the present stage.
The articles contain the results of research in the field of measurements of parameters of radio signals, antenna systems, measurements in the radio-frequency paths.
The problems of improving the reference base in the field of radio measurements are traditionally discussed.
Special attention is paid to measuring the characteristics of the GNSS navigation signal.
An assessment of the use of digital technology, in particular a digital oscilloscope, high-precision measurements, the features of the metrological assurance of measuring instruments on a digital basis.
Contents of the issue