Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 2 (10) 2017

Almanac of Modern Metrology, no 10 is essentially a continuation of one of previous issues of the journal (No 8), which was dedicated to time and frequency measurements — the most required field of metrological research.
Both editions were prepared based on materials of a first class of the Research and Educational Centre of VNIIFTRI under the professional development program for metrologists.
A greater part of the issue is an article (lecture) under a symbolic name “Time and Frequency measurements. Basic concepts. Oscillators and clocks. Evaluation of accuracy characteristics” listen to with great attention by participants of the training event.   
The author of the article is N.B. Koshelyaevsky — one of the honorable scientists of VNIIFTRI, Doctor of Technical Science, a corresponding member of the Metrological Academy and the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky. He is a member of the International group on the thyme of atomic time and the time scale comparison, a member of the International Astronomical Union, the Chair of the TK COOMET on time and frequency.
As a renowned specialist in the field of time and frequency measurements, as the head of one of leading laboratories of MMC SSTF N.B. Koshelyaevsky with excellent erudition has chosen an original way of the article presentation. He has managed not only to develop a thyme, but also aroused great interest to the discussed subject matter and admiration of the audience.    
The articles of the second part of Almanac dedicated to the actual thyme — metrological research and evaluation of results of time and frequency measurements are of no less interest.
Contents of the issue