Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 1 (9) 2017

The articles covering research in the field of time-and-frequency and coordinate-time measurements are represented in most works that determine the theme of the next issue of the Al’manac of Modern Metrology no 9 (the first issue in 2017). 
The first part of the Al’manac attracts considerable attention to fundamental research of aspects of the space metrology, gravitational, gravimetrical and frequency-and-time measurements. The works deal with the direct detection of the gravitational waves, investigation of relativistic synchronization methods for ground and onboard atomic clocks; synchronization and comparison of the time scale.
The materials dedicated to the research in the improvement of standards base are becoming traditional for the Al’manac. The section “Metrology of the neutron radiation” is represented by the work of high-qualified authors of FSUE “VNIIFTRI”, Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Thermonuclear Research (TRINITI), and CENTER-ADC LLC.
The authors of other articles of the Al’manac also rise very important questions in their articles, including the aspects in the field of practical metrology, in particular verification of the high technology equipment.
Contents of the issue