№ 4 (28) 2021

The running issue of the “Almanac of Modern Metrology” 4 (28) is the fourth issue this year. The foreword to this issue deals with the development of new high-precision methods and measuring instruments at VNIIFTRI.
The issue contains articles highlighting the young scientists’ contribution to metrology of such important metrological areas of measurements as time-frequency, coordinate-temporal, radio engi­neering, physicochemical, low-temperature and others. The results of the work were reported at the IX Scientific and Technical Conference “Metrology in the XXI century” and were approved by the leading experts of the Organizing Committee of this popular scientific and technical event. At the same time, taking into account the fact that individual authors have invited their research advisors to write and prepare the articles, this has significantly increased the level of published materials.


S.I. Donchenko
Al’manac — on the development of new high-precision methods and measuring instruments at VNIIFTRI ……. page 12

T.M. Magomedov
Study of metrological characteristics of the state primary standard of disperse parameter units of aerosols, suspensions and powder materials GET 163 in terms of measuring mass concentration of aerosol particles ……. page 15
M.Yu. Gavalyan, V.G. Kytin
Construction of the acoustic gas thermometer in the range from 79 to 273,16 K ……. page 28
A.A. Smirnov
Development of a procedure for calibration of the State working standard of electric and magnetic field strength units in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 300 MHz ……. page 35

E.A. Karaush
On the problem of compensation of ionospheric delay of navigation signals for the purpose of calibration of GNSS receivers …….page 40
V.O. Zhilinskiy, A.A. Frolov
Method of calculation the GLONASS standard positioning service performance ……. page 49
S.S. Donchenko
Results and studies of a high-precision modernized system of comparisons and transmission of time scales (SODS TS-M) over a fiber-optic communication line ……. page 56
S.Yu. Burtsev, D.S. Pecheritsa
Receiver calibration based on pseudorange measurements by carrier phase ……. page 65
V.P. Lopatin, V.F. Fateev
Methods for determining geoid height and surface wind speed by global navigation satellite signals reflected from the ocean surface ……. page 73
V.S. Krylov
Study of the possibilities of increasing the information capacity of trajectory measurements in the problem of restoring the orbits of navigation satellites ……. page 84
I.V. Balakireva
Gravimeter on optical resonators with whispering gallery modes ……. page 90
A.V. Deikun, O.V. Kolmogorov
Study of the method of reducing the uncertainty of measuring time delays between optical signals with harmonic modulation ……. page 97

G.S. Belotelov, D.V. Sutyrin, S.N. Slyusarev
Current state of development of compact optical frequency references on cold atoms of ytterbium ……. page 100
R.I. Balaev
Up-to-date requirements for providing new generation communication networks with reference signals of time and frequency ……. page 109
M.P. Malakh
Dependence of magnetosensitive resonances in frequency standards on the CPT effect on the value of the external magnetic field ……. page 115
A.A. Rakov, N.P. Khatyrev
Methods for stabilizing a fiber-optical line using pseudo-random pulse modulation for time stamp transmission ……. page 119
A.A. Karaush
Stability of systematic delays of code GNSS signals in receiving equipment ……. page 125

N.V. Anyutin
Study of the equivalent level of interference in the measurement of antenna characteristics in the near zone ……. page 134
A.A. Beloborodov, A.V. Kleopin
Development of a line circuit and results of simulation of the amplifier of the vertical deflection channel of a digital oscillograph with a bandwidth of 500 MHz ……. page 140
L.I. Dmitrieva
Study of electromagnetic properties of disperse systems in the microwave range ……. page 146
D.V. Logutov
Estimation of the influence of the measurement conditions of the modulus of reflection coefficient of pyramidal radio absorbing materials in a free space ……. page 151
V.V. Makarov, A.V. Kleopin
Development of a calibration board based on a coplanar line for verification and testing of high frequency voltage probes ……. page 159
E.A. Olisov
Estimation of extrapolation uncertainty of the gain of measuring antennas ……. page 165
R.Z. Khayrullin
Constructing the confidence intervals and areas for a multiple linear regression model using bayesian scientific approach ……. page 170

D.V. Averkin, D.I. Belenky
Development of reference materials of zeta-potential of particles in dispersed systems ……. page 186
E.A. Lavrov, A.V. Kozhemanov
Drive unit of short haul reflector of a two-wave interferometer for registration of fractional parts of interference bands ……. page 194
I.N. Lazovik, R.I. Lazovik, N.P. Yakimov
Design of gas blocks of wet gas generators and proposals for their improvement ……. page 200

M.A. Khanzadyan, A.V. Mazurkevich
Development of a method for measuring the astronomic azimuth using an electronic total station ……. page 206
M.V. Vasilieva
Comparative analysis of methods for approximation of amplitude characteristics of detector measuring transmitters ……. page 216
K.I. Kurbatov
Development of means and methods of metrological support of modern antenna measuring complexes in the near zone ……. page 225
P.D. Sangalov, A.V. Mazurkevich
Investigation of methods for measuring the lengths of baselines by direct and indirect methods ……. page 233
A.V. Kozhemanov, V.S. Belyaev
Metrological support of measuring the parameters of data transmission networks to ensure the integrity and stability of the functioning of communication networks of common use ……. page 237
I.V. Novikova, D.A. Sokolov
Experimental study of coaxial and orthogonal procedures for comparing laser measuring interferometric systems ……. page 243

A.R. Zakharova, E.V. Khoprova, V.I. Dobrovolsky
Selection of a sample preparation method and study of stability of metrological characteristics of reference materials of glucose in dry milk ……. page 246
N.P. Yakimov, A.V. Mashanov, I.N. Lazovik, R.I. Lazovik
New measuring capabilities of brain potentials ……. page 253
A.A. Stakheev, T.P. Stolboushkina
Measuring the mass part of lead and arsenic in river water by the method of mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma ……. page 261

Sokov Igor Antonovich ……. page 266
Rybkin Nikolay Pavlovich ……. page 267