About publishing house

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Russian Metrological of Technical Physics and Radio Engineering” (FSUE “VNIIFTRI”) has been carrying out independent publishing activities since 1970 (with the permission of the Press Committee of the Soviet Union).

VNIIFTRI publishes three periodicals: Universal Time and the Pole Coordinates bulletin, magazines Vestnik Metrologa [Herald of the Metrologist] and Al’manac of Modern Metrology.

The Universal Time and Pole Coordinates bulletin is a periodical, which has been published by VNIIFTRI in the Russian language since 1953. Periodicity is four times a year.
The bulletin contains official data on universal time and pole coordinates, published by the State Service of Time, Frequency and Determination of the parameters of the Earth’s rotation. The data are calculated at the Main Metrological Center of the SSTF upon the results of astrooptic, satellite and radio interferometric observations.
The data of satellite determinations of ERP were obtained upon the results of processing the phase measurements of GPS signals at points of observations for satellites in the CIS countries, as well as laser location of the Artificial Earth Satellite at the points of the global network. The values of the ERP according to VLBI data are calculated from the processing of domestic and foreign observations, and individual series of ERP values calculated in the SSTF, IAA of the RAS and TsUP TsNIImash, used in joint processing, were carried out. The data are also compared from the final values of the EPR deducted from all observations with the data of the International Earth Rotation Service.

Vestnik Metrologa [Herald of the Metrologist] is a scientific and technical magazine, which is published in the Russian language. VNIIFTRI has become its founder since 2015, expanding the range of issues previously covered by another organization that published the magazine.
Vestnik Metrologa, presenting the official chronicle of new products of measuring equipment, reporting news from enterprises and organizations, gives an overview of domestic and foreign news on metrology and measuring equipment, paying attention to hypotheses and discoveries. An important place is occupied by the problem of metrology.
The magazine presents enterprises operating in the field of metrology and measuring equipment. The issues of training are not avoided. Information about symposia, conferences, anniversaries, other important events is provided; as well as advertising of products and services.

The magazine Al’manac of Modern Metrology is a periodical of VNIIFTRI, published since 2014 in the Russian language (with summary in English). Now, the periodicity of the Al’manac of Modern Metrology of VNIIFTRI is four times a year.
The magazine publishes materials on fundamental research on the reproduction of physical quantities, on the development of certain types of measurements, on the development of standards of the new generation. Particular attention is paid to modern measurement technologies. The state of the reference base, comparisons of state standards, which play a crucial role in the international recognition of the measuring capabilities of our country, are described in detail. On the pages of the Al’manac of Modern Metrology, current issues of metrological control and monitoring, including the environment, are found. Sufficient attention is paid to the development of new measuring and verification equipment. The magazine regularly introduces new regulatory documents on metrology. A certain place is occupied by materials on the history of the development of certain metrological directions.

 VNIIFTRI also publishes monographs on the directions of the scientific activities of the institute, collections of reports from conferences and symposia, methodical literature on metrology issues, educational and methodical literature for graduate students, etc.

Monographs and reference books, published by VNIIFTRI in the last years