№ 4 (24) 2020

The next issue of the “Almanac of modern metrology” 4 (24) is presented mainly as a thematic one, devoted to the problems of creating complex navigation systems, including strapdown inertial navigation systems, GLONASS, as well as correlation-extreme navigation systems using the results of measuring the parameters of the Earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields.
The presented articles cover the following areas:
— methods and means of integrated navigation using the gravitational and magnetic fields of the Earth;
— methods and means of preparing gravity and magnetic maps;
— new measuring technologies in gravimetry;
— measuring technologies in gravitational-wave astronomy;
— metrological support of gravimetric and magnetometric measurements.
The articles reflect the latest achievements of science and technology and are of undoubted interest for specialists in this field.
The issue was prepared following the results of the II Scientific and Technical Conference “Navigation in through the Earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields. New technologies”.


S. I. Donchenko
New navigation technologies based on geophysical fields ……. page 11

V.I. Pustovoit, N.A. Testoedov, V.F. Fateev, S.S. Donchenko, V.E. Kosenko
Space laser interferometric gravitational antenna on the basis of spacecrafts located in GLONASS orbits ……. page 15
L.N. Zherikhina, G.N. Izmailov, V.V. Ozolin
Possibilities for using GR effects in space navigation ……. page 24
Yu.B. Novozhilov, A.V. Davydov, Yu.N. Isaev, M.M. Korotkov, V.V. Migachev
Gravitational gamma-resonance spectrometry of long-lived nuclear isomers and possibility of its application for studying fine gravitational effects ……. page 35
G.A. Vishnyakova, K.S. Kudeyarov, K.Yu. Khabarova, N.N. Kolachevsky
High stability optical fiber 940 km line between MPQ and PTB institutes for tasks relativistic geodesy ……. page 47
V.F. Fadeev, R.A. Davlatov, V.P. Lopatin
Possibilities for using the GLONASS system to forming gravimetric multi-satellite system ……. page 65

T.V. Sazonova
Experimental studies of accuracy characteristics of correlation-extreme navigation systems by the Earth’s magnetic field ……. page 86
V.T. Minligareev, A.V. Alekseeva, Yu.M. Kachanovsky, V.V. Tregubov
Cartographic software of perspective magnetometric navigation systems ……. page 97
E.A. Rybakov
Features of gravity navigation systems while moving along various routes ……. page 104

L.I. Avgustov, G.I. Gerasimov, G.I. Djandjgava
Stages of development and state of domestic development of global autonomous navigation systems ……. page 112
O.V. Denisenko, V.I. Pustovoit, I.S. Silvestrov, V.F. Fateev
Development problems of seamless assisting navigation technology in GLONASS GNSS on the basis of measurements of geophysical field parameters ……. page 127
V.B. Pudlovsky
Navigation by GLONASS signals using subminiature rubidium frequency standard ……. page 161
V.F. Fateev, D.S. Bobrov, Yu.V. Gostev, E.A. Rybakov, M.N. Karapetyan, R.A. Davlatov, A.O. Dolgodush, Yu.V. Moskvitin
Layout of the system on geophysical potential of the Earth ……. page 173

M.M. Murazbekov, V.F. Fateev, D.S. Bobrov, R.A. Davlatov, V.P. Lopatin
Development of multi-layer gravimetric maps on the basis of measurement data of plumb line deviation and gravity acceleration ……. page 185
V.F. Fateev, R.A. Davlatov, D.S. Bobrov, M.M. Murazbekov, E.A. Rybakov, V.P. Lopatin, A.O. Dolgodush
Development of hardware-software complex “Digital Land of the Moscow Region” ……. page 201
V.F. Fateev, R.A. Davlatov, D.S. Bobrov, M.M. Murazbekov, E.A. Rybakov, V.P. Lopatin
Reference document TPNS digital base ……. page 212
D.S. Bobrov
Gravimetric navigational maps preparation methods based on the relief data ……. page 218

A.V. Belonenko, S.M. Popov, V.N. Rudenko
Precision measurement of gravitational displacement of radio frequencies of near-Earth spacecrafts ……. page 236
A.A. Kluykov
Preprocessing of gradiometric measurements of the GOCE project ……. page 245
L.F. Vitushkin, E.P. Krivtsov, V.V. Nalivaev, O.A. Orlov
Collocation of absolute ballistic and relative cryogenic gravimeters in the D.I. Mendeleev All-Russian Institute for Metrology (VNIIM) ……. page 255
D.I. Belyakov, V.Ia. Shifrin, E.P. Krivtsov, A.E. Shilov
State of VNIIM reference base in the field of metrological support of magnetic induction measurements ……. page 260
V.T. Minligareev, Yu.A. Uss
Use of biomimetical semiconductor sensor in the study of weak magnetic fields ……. page 272
D.S. Bobrov, V.P. Lopatin
Results of experimental studies evaluating continuous rotation of free fall acceleration ……. page 276

V.N. Rudenko, M.V. Kuvshinskii, S.I. Oreshkin, S.M. Popov, K.V. Rudenko, I.S. Yudin
Cryogenic Fabry-Perot resonators with mirrors on substrates of various optical materials ……. page 285
V.K. Milyukov, A.S. Zhamkov, V.E. Zharov, O.A. Ivlev, I.M. Nesterin, V.K. Sysoev
Space constellation for measuring the Earth’s gravitational field: the prospects for the implementation of the project ……. page 296
V.K. Milyukov
New measuring technologies in the space-based gravitational waves detector TianQin ……. page 316
I.V. Balakireva, P.S. Ananev, M.L. Voskanov, A.A. Rakov, V.I. Pavlov, N.P. Khatyrev, I.Yu. Blinov
Possibility of applying the optical resonators with whispering gallery modes in mobile gravimeters and accelerometers ……. page 337
V.P. Mitrofanov
Problems of detecting gravitational waves and developing of new generation gravimeters ……. page 349
V.A. Vinogradov, K.A. Karpov, A.V. Turlapov
Quantum gravimeters based on ultracold atoms ……. page 364
E.A. Lavrov, R.A. Davlatov, S.S. Donchenko, P.G. Kharlamov, U.V. Ghostev, D.A. Sokolov, E.A. Karaush
Laser interferometer for measurement displacements of proof mass caused by action of gravitational forces ……. page 377
Yu.V. Gostev, A.I. Soroka
Gravitational variometer of tensor type with a torsion gimbal suspension of its sensitive element ……. page 391
A.I. Soroka
Modulation gravitational variometer with a sensitive element on a non-contact suspension, Fabry-Perot interferometer and optimal signal processing system ……. page 397