Development of multi-layer gravimetric maps on the basis of measurement data of plumb line deviation and gravity acceleration

M.M. Murzabekov, V.F. Fateev, D.S. Bobrov, R.A. Davlatov, V.P. Lopatin

FSUE «VNIIFTRI», Mendeleevo, Moscow region,,,,

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 4 (24) 2020, pages 185–200

The article discusses the results of joint measurements of plumb line deviations (PLD) and acceleration of gravity (AG) using a digital astronomic meter and a high-precision relative gravimeter, respectively. The measurements were performed on the well-known Moscow gravity anomaly (attraction) and compared with the values ​​calculated via the most common geopotential model EGM2008. A method for calculating the second derivatives (gradients) of the anomalous potential of the gravity by joint measurements of the PLD and AG is considered. The results of the analysis of the potentially achievable in this case accuracy and an example of calculation based on the attraction data are presented.

Key words: plumb line deviation, Moscow gravitational anomaly, anomalous potential, gravitational gradient.

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