Possibilities for using the GLONASS system to forming gravimetric multi-satellite system

V.F. Fateev, R.A. Davlatov, V.P. Lopatin

FSUE «VNIIFTRI», Mendeleevo, Moskov region

Al’manac of Modern Metrology № 4 (24) 2020, pages 65–85

The GLONASS system can be used to refine the parameters of the Earth’s gravitational field (EGF). On the basis of the GLONASS system, fundamentally new types of measurements can be formed: a space gradiometer along the “high satellite-high satellite” line, a bistatic radio altimeter, and a satellite gravimeter. The paper presents the results of an analysis of the effectiveness of using these measurements to refine the parameters of EGF and the formation of a monitoring system for changes in the EGF on a global scale.

Keywords: GLONASS, Earth’s gravitational field, multi-satellite system, monitoring.

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